Cyber Monday - get anything?

I usually don’t participate in the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing but this year I broke and got the Discover Cuba pack from NI for Maschine. I’m looking forward to throwing some loops (and creating a bunch) on top of some existing tracks. I’m also looking pretty hard at Superior Drummer (great deal at Musicians Friend) so if you can talk me into/out of it, greatly appreciated.

What’d you splurge on?

No Cyber Monday shopping for me, but I’m going to Cuba to trek on Sierra Maestra where Fidel and Che started the REVOLUCION! I’m also bringing my H4N to record my own loops (hopefully the bands won’t mind) YEAH BABY!

A fairly modest splurge by my standards. I just got some Beyer Dynamic 880T Pro monitor headphones. Found a place (Gadget Bliss) selling them for $270 AU.

Picked up an Mf drive. Modest spend. Didnt really know about the black friday/cyber monday thing. Until now. I usually get a bit of gas this time of year anyway. Got 3 weeks off over xmas. Why not use it “wisely”?

  • bit of hijacked thread…
    Mezz, i see u a lot around here, anything on yt i can look at? You really know your shit.
    An old quote of mine… " in adelaide, no one can hear you scream".
    Im just a hobbyist so ive got nothing to show…

I’ve pretty much just limited myself to iOS apps for the last few months, due to lack of money and lack of GAS. That said, in the last two weeks I’ve picked up Egoist, iVCS3, iMS-20, Midi Designer Pro, and Laplace.

I’ve gotta say, of all these I’ve had the most reservations about Egoist and iMS-20, and they have been some of the most inspiring apps I’ve purchased in the last year. I’ve put together a number of song sketches with them in conjunction with the OT in the last few days. Really killer, great sounding tools for peanuts. I need to spend more time with my other recent acquisitions, but from the little time I’ve spent with iVCS3 I can really get into some raw, feedback-driven sounds than you don’t normally get from software.

If my finances change before the end of the year, I’m buying a Bass Station II. Almost all of my needs are covered, but I’m really lacking a one knob per function synth and would like to free my Alpha Juno up for pads and strings. Even then, if I can’t make great music with what I have, it’s me, not the gear. :wink:

It was either the 770s or the 880s (250 ohm version) that came up on the Amazon UK flash sales last week - £80 or something. I was tempted but I opted for B&W P5’s at £135 so that I can keep my Senny HD25’s for studio use.

My missus has picked me up a Volca Keys (flash sale at £75). Not a huge saving but I’ll enjoy playing with them.

I’ve also ordered an Analog Keys which will hopefully come soon if they get the finger out and send it to me!

As for Cyber Monday - didn’t bother with it this year. I got caught up with it last year and the year before and bought heaps of stuff I didnt need or use - Studio One being an example but I at least got my money back selling on KVR 2 months later.

Hey Spike

Same as you, I’m a hobbyist. I don’t really post anything on YT. I always have trouble finishing tracks… I am certainly no expert I have just been into synths for years so I have picked up a few things along the way.
My mate posted some of our old tracks on his website here…
I was involved in the AMtrax songs.
We were so rubbish back then. we have always been fixated on buying hardware but it was all about buying synths who cares about recording. The results are evident…Unfinished badly mixed crap. :neutral_face:
Might revisit some of those old ideas tho.
I have a track going using all 5 of my Elektrons at the mo but it’s probably only half done. I’m determined to finish it because it’s sounding pretty good,
I will post here

Wow that is cheap. How are the B&W’s?
Ah the HD25 's had 2 pairs back in my DJ days. To this day I have no idea what happened to either pair. I just know I havent seen them for about 10 years.
I’ve often wondered how they would go as studio monitors.

Dunno yet on the P5’s - they should arrive today. Have heard they can take some weeks to burn in and then shine. I was just wanting something with a bit more character about them. As great as the HD25’s are, I find them very neutral and flat which is fantastic for studio use but not so much “fun” when commuiting and wanting your tunes to be a little more banging (for want of a better word!). If the P5’s turn out to be crap then at least I won’t lose out when selling them on.

I should really get proper monitors but it’s difficult with kids and my typical “music time” sessions being in the evening only. My man cave is next door to my 5 year olds bedroom so headphones are a must!