Dark or gnarly sounding mixers

What mixers have a particularly dark sound? Gnarly distortion or just in general?

…those with broken eq’s and cheap in’s n out’s…?


Old Mackie mixers from the 90s.
Old boss mixers from the 70s/80s.


Any particular models?

Mackie 1604 (not all the modern VLZ stuff)


Also older (70s/80s) Tascam and Teac mixers.

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The Boss BX line sounds very gritty when turning up the gain. I have two of these mixers and really like them.


Nice, those are pretty affordable too! I’ll look if I can find one for sale locally.

Yes, they are cheap and compact. The BX-8 and BX-16 have two aux sends but the knobs are smaller than on the BX-800 which only has one aux send. Built quality is poor but I like the raw sound.

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Yo, this belong here also

No need for saturation/distortion pedals if you can get a desk to do this! Best techno track i’ve heard in a while :wink:

Original vid post cred @sezare56


This is fackin huge mate, the weight is real! Proper into this sound right now. Got a bandcamp/soundcloud up?

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I have:

Mackie Micro Series 1202 (early 90s; non VLZ)

Roland M-16E

I especially love the Roland M-16E; I actually think its saturation sounds nicer than anything I can coax out of my Analog Heat.

The Boss BX are okay, but flimsy.

A below-the-radar option are the old Ibanez RM mixers (with the coloured pots). Cheap and saturate nicely.

If you Google search “Fat Sounding Analogue Mixers” you will find a good thread elsewhere which has a lot of audio demos of various mixers pushed to different extents to compare them.



I have to try again with below mixer only (UB802). Aux send to another track, feedback. Tape out > 2 other tracks.

Messing around with AD (mid freq, character) and mixer (eq, fx send, feedback), without touching AR.
Very dirty, but different tastes!


Wow, thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate that. I have no official bandcamp or soundcloud account. I only release on youtube. But maybe it’s time to record and release more music. :slightly_smiling_face:




Definitely! Your video work is stellar, and it’s really cool to watch your performances. DARKER TRINITY is mesmerising, you really know how to play the desk and it shows for sure. But I am really in love with the sound, and would gladly chip you a few for digital releases!

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Really sounds great! Cheers :wink:

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Thank you very much guys! I really appreciate your positive comments. 2020 was a tough year for me but music has helped me a lot during these bad times.

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