Dark Reverb for all Elektron Machines

i really would love to have the dark reverb on Rytm and A4/AK.

would you?

Pardon my ignorance but what exactly is a dark reverb? Guessing it’s something a bit more elaborate than simply adjusting the LPF parameter + shelving eq on the rytm’s reverb?

it’s a reverb on the OCTATRACK,
quite unique sounding, many love it, some hate it :wink:

No I’d like to have the reverb from the a4/k on the ot.

Very few sweet spots with any of the ot reverbs for me, try as I might.
I’m sure someones putting them to good use.

The OT is the neglected middle child, having to have surrogate parents like rusty and ? forgotten his name (made the slicer) sorry

Ableton reverb on all Elektron machines for me, plz


it shouldn’t be “either … or”

it should be freedom of choice

since it’s just algorythms

so please all fx on all boxes


many people have ideas about the AR reverb… most of them prefer A4 reverb… for me… AR Reverb is absolutely amazing.

A4 reverb is amazing, OT dark reverb also great
more amazing would be to have a more experimental reverb algo too … like on Eventide Space :slight_smile:

Next Elektron product:

Standalone FX/Sequencer/Mixer/Sound card

Sort of like the new Roland Aria mixer but Elektron style.

USB audio inputs from Rytm/A4/AK. 4 Stereo ¼" inputs. Some digital IO port(s), Step sequencer with midi and/or cv output. Eight faders/Eight knobs. Dozens of effects algorithms that you can mix and match and alter using lfos or the sequencer.

Note: Not a real product but would be killer

+1 Million

just what everybody is hoping for for years

may i add

  • 8 inputs
  • midi fx (Pyramid seq!)
  • unlimited track length

thank you!