Darker AK display and Problems to load all projects in the AK

Hello folks,
I have changed my A4 against a AK and the analog Keys just came by post!

I still have both devices lying around here and now I will load the projects of my A4 into the AK …
What I negative notice is that the display of the AK are much darker than the display of my A4. If you noticed that too?
Is your AK display relative dark, compared to the A4 falling on already! :
I think that you can adjust unfortunately nowhere, right?

Also, I’ve noticed that it is not so easy to load all projects from my A4 with “All Whole project” and the sysex tool of electron, only on my computer and from there into the AK! I have indeed made ​​kits and he has probably loaded but all the project can not be found!
Am I doing something wrong?
Answers will help me further, would be cool!