Deep Pad Creation (soundscape?)

Hello everyone,

I block on the creation of a PAD (soundscape?) I can not manage with my hardware.
(Analog Four, Rytm, Octatrack)

I’ve been blocking this type of sound for a while.

A good example on this one:

I would like to know how to repeat without sample the sound pad deep which starts the video.

I know that reverb is great for it, but I do not see how to reproduce it on my A4.

Maybe I need another dedicated synth, but I doubt it.

Could someone tell me what to do?

Thanks for your time.

He appears to have notes/chords droning constantly on each synth and, as he states in the description, is fading each synth in and out with their cut off and this all smears together within the delay and reverb bringing the sounds all together as one giant pad.

It would be a challenge to match that sound with just one run with the A4 but some drones recorded onto the Octatrack and then run along side the A4 could get there.
Just create some pads with subtle LFO movement with oscillators and subs set to intervals if you want single voice chords and then set up a sequence to drone it all into delay and reverb and you’ll be on your way.

By the way, that link doesn’t work due to the capital H at the beginning.


On your A4 you could set OSC2 to a pulse (for example) and set your sub OSC to a 5th for the ‘chord effect’.

You could also set OSC1 to FDB and use an LFO to modulate the volume of OSC1 for some dynamic effect.

For the filter try a BP and slowly ‘sweep’ it with your spare LFO set real slow.

And on OSC1’s noise page bring in some noise with a slow fade in.

You can also go into your reverb settings and adjust your reverbs HPF and LPF to taste.

Just a few ideas. Drones are fun to make. Best advice is start real simple with an empty patch and build it up adding in more and more as you go along. It may be hard to duplicate the exact sound in that video but you can get close with the A4.


That comes from the Prophet 12 ? The synth that Vosne , turns on at the beginning?

It has 4 OSC, and FM, 4x LFO, 4x AUX Envelope. Its THE pad machine.

On A4, you could layer two tracks. Go into Kit setup, and assign two voices to one track. Set the “use track sounds”.

Now you can layer and mix 4x Osc for your sound, I would think that you have a more or less constant bass layer, and blend in a second somewhat higher version of the bass layer with amp volume modulation, to accent it. probably use the amp envelop to modulate the lfo which modulates filter cutoff, but the cutoff amount which is modulated is pretty low.


I’ve tried your methods, but it’s way too complicated to do on the A4. Or I missed something, I’m still looking!

Thank you for your answers

Nice a4 tip. Will try tomorrow

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