Default CC / Control Value List? Controlling Digitakt With MIDI

First of all apologies if this information is elsewhere, I have looked around but haven’t really found anything specific to what I’m trying to do yet.

Right now I’m messing around with creating generative midi files using some external software. In the current setup Im randomly generating control values between 70-77 just as a guess (c70 > c77) and Im getting some results on the FLTR page where the attack decay and sustain are being modulated as the file plays through, as well as some filter frequency / resonance settings.

Is there some kind of list / documentation somewhere that lists each effect (e.g delay send) to a control number? If so this would be extremely helpful rather than constantly guessing / writing each value down. I’ve had a look through the user guide but cant really find what resembles a full list anywhere.

Any info would be much appreciated.

The Info you are looking for should be found starting on page 71 of the manual.


Yep thats exactly it, cheers!