Delay Ctrl on T1 + Reverb on Master T8

I’m mangling a sampled beat on T1 with delay ctrl and would like to add some reverb with the crossfader (with scene B on master T8). but when I fade to scene B the delay gets interrupted while reverb starts to develop or – other way around – if I have reverb on T1 and the delay ctrl on master T8 I can’t hear the reverb but delay is working. as soon as I free the beat from delay ctrl reverb is audible.

any idea how to solve that? thanks!

strange: if using another (shorter) sample on T2 to create a beat on my own using trigs the delay ctrl on T2 + reverb on T8 (master) works.


further processing: after reducing TIME from 128 to 1 in delay settings of T1 and played around it suddenly works… even if TIME is at 128 again. well, strange? seems like buffer problems, as the fader appeared kind of scratchy while using.

well, solved :unamused:

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