Delay/reverb combo pedal

I’m looking for a delay/reverb combo pedal to run my DFAM into. Ideally it should have plenty of knobs and minimal menu diving. Does such a thing exist or am I gonna have to buy 2 separate pedals?

Source Audio Collider


Thanks! Looks great. Anybody got one and can comment on the sound etc?

Dreadbox Hypnosis?


I have Nemesis (Delay) and Ventris (Reverb). Both are partly in Collider.
Sound is great due to its 56-Bit signal processing (each engine!). Then stereo and full MIDI. A lot of tweaking with the Neuro App and open preset community.


Strymon Volante has both, although the reverb is just spring. Would give you extremely versatile delay options with zero menu-diving though!


Are you picky about mono/stereo? EQD disaster transporter sr or avalanche run? If you’re looking for just straight up reverb/delay but still plenty of tonal options EQD dispatch master. I’d have too say though Source audio collider is pretty much everything you’re looking for

Zoom cdr 70


Meris Polymoon

No menu, just 2 functions for each knob.


The Polymoon doesn’t really do reverb, just a lot of delay, plus a phaser.

It does

I would suggest the Earthquaker Dispatch Master. It may not be the most versatile, but it’s one of those pedals that just sounds good, and to me is all sweet spot.

It does that smeared delay/reflection thing, which is reverb to the ear, but you’re not going to get a separate delay > reverb or vice versa.

Funny enough, I reminded myself about the Collider this morning. I’m currently using the Polymoon / Mercury 7 combo. Love the Mercury 7, the polymoon is almost too crazy for my needs. I often have a hard time fitting it in where it doesn’t totally take over what the heck is going on. There seem to be a few decent demos of the Collider on YT. I’m thinking I’ll pick one up and test it out against the Meris combo.

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GFI System Specular Tempus


+1 for the specular tempus. It sounds great and is relatively cheap. I can’t say I’ve tried the editor (yet) but it should give you a decent span of reverb/delay/both options.

Ecco recently released a nice one

and almost a flanger like fx too?

It’s a “barber pole” type phaser. It’s pretty cool, but it’s not subtle and it pretty much only does that one distinctive phaser sound. Can be good for swirling ambient atmosphere stuff.