Delete default samples on digitakt

Hey i wanted to know if it’s possible to delete the default samples on the digitakt ?
i want to put only mine. I didnt find about it in the forum.
The 1gb drive is not enough and it already took me some hours to trim down my sample list.

It’s a shame that the rytm doesnt come with at least 2gb drive… For breaks and so on… but hey… cheepy

It’s discussed lots.

The factory content is apparently not stored on the 1gb +Drive - it’s also not deletable (maybe some content is)

I asked the same thing. It doesn’t count towards your 1gb of storage space and it’s not deletable. Why, no answer. Still you can just choose to ignore the default samples and not load them into your project.

It just baffles me why a completely digital machine has undeletable samples in it.

Factory samples are linked to factory project, kits, patterns. If you perform a factory reset the machine can’t locate samples if these were erasable and it would start give error messages. Also to avoid it being completely silent in case of sale, post-repairs tests, I do not know … just in case and just my thought…

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Wow it’s pretty bad actually. I can’t delete thoses sounds that i have no use of… ?
The space is already an issue but damn son…

The factory samples use up none of the +drive space


Factory samples are only 74MB total… Even if they were deletable, isn’t that much space.


except that it’s close to 8/10% of the space. Which is a lot
Still we can’t seems to do anything so what can i say or do except write here that it’s pretty bad and silly

Factory samples aren’t on the +drive. Even if you could delete them you wouldn’t be able to use that space.

See it the other way around: you get some free samples that take up no space at all. Great :slight_smile:


yes so because we are 2017/18 i should gratify elektron to supply 1gb drive ?
I fail to see how that’s a good thing.
with the price of the memory it’s not like they would loose much $$ with a 2+gb drive.

But they are on the drive so somehow i should be able to use that space for something else.
I don’t get why the fanboism is that huge here.
1gb samples isnt a veratile amount of samples by any stretch of the imagination.

Doest akai offer 16gb ssd with expandable 2,5hdd ?
Maybe they are different beast. But if you looks at the demo of the digitakt and factory samples. There are some melodic stuff and you can loop things inside. So all the bla bla about how it is enough and people shouldnt complain is plain fanboism.

To be honest i don’t mind much the 1gb samples on the digitakt. But the rytm being a powerdrum machine. That’s a joke.
Ofc i don’t need to buy it if i don’t want to but why not offer a bigger ssd ?

Sorry if i sound harsh or anything. I’m not native english speaker and i’m pretty deceived by the lack of what i could see as resonables answers

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Sell it and move on then mate.

Not much point in getting upset about something you’ve no control over.


If It’s any consellation,
I’ve had the DT since release, literally have hundreds of long 30sec+ pad sounds and vocal and atmospheres, countless drum loops and one shots, and I’m at 0.28 GB filled on the +Drive

It’s more than you think :wink:


The device comes with 1gb. That may not seem like a lot to you, ok. But your issue, factory samples being there is not real issue. The factory sample eat up no space at all so you get the full 1gb.
The octa track comes with expandable memory if you are looking for something in the mpc price range with a lot of memory. The digitakt is not meant to be compared to machine twice its price.
The digitakt is advertised as having 1gb of space for user samples and it does.

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Less is better sometimes. People make music despite the “limit” of 1gb that from my point of view is very much. Just a few mb of samples between oneshots and single cycle waveforms are enough to make the digitakt sing. Elektron makes smart boxes for smart people, who see limits in everything and call fanboy who is comfortable with their gear should address elsewhere. If you only study the manual and the videos and sharpen the wits a little half the time you spend complaining about the lack of this or this other feature at this time you mastered your devices and you would realize that those limits are only in your head.

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I’ve done music and been productive with the digitakt. I like it. Still you all adress the fact that it’s enough for you or that you at least deal with it. I’ve been too but i have lots of differents drum samples from my project and 2gb for thoses drums and breaks to chop would’ve been great. I still fail to see why it’s also 1gb on the rytm.
From what i’ve been able to gather the difference in price between a 1gb sdd or 6gb sdd is almost non existant.
Sorry but it’s str8 fanboism to say there’s nothing problematic about giving 1gb space in 2017 in a sampler/drum machine.
I like lots of product but can see their flaws and most people here seems to not be able to see them. It’s often the case on fanboy subforum. and it happen with many post in this forum. I get it tho it’s elektronauts forum and it’s the same in the ableton subforum.
1700$ for a drum machine with a 1gb sdd. allmykekforgotten.mp2

I will finish my rant there’s no point.
But why elektron ? Is it money, is it because muhhh no one should use more than 1gb of drum samples or is it because since they don’t use more than 1gb no one else should ?


It’s not fanboy ism to understand what you’ve purchased and use it accordingly. If you purchased the digitakt knowing it has 1gb of storage and that wasn’t suitable for you, that’s a you problem. As you’ve stated there are options that offer more storage. Maybe you should have purchased one of the other options instead.


Am going to be in the minority here and say I agree with you. Like you I enjoy and get a lot done on my DT but would have preferred for it to have a lot more than 1GB of space or at least an option for loading from expandable memory.

And hey, I used to work on an s3000XL too which had 32mb max, but that was RAM, and I could load anything off SCSI or floppy without having to delete anything.

Not here to rain on anyone’s enjoyment of their instruments. I love Elektron’s creations and am grateful. Just being hopeful that we can all enjoy more improved features in the future

This fanboy stuff is just nonsense, people read specs “before” they buy. If they don’t like it, they don’t buy it.
To complain about specs “after” you bought something is futile.
Of course people on here who own one are OK with 1 gig, if they weren’t they wouldn’t have bought one.

Whether their next device should maybe include more storage, that’s another story and perhaps it should, this story has already been written so we can only decide if we want to read it or not…

I’d entertain your argument if you hadn’t already purchased one. Not trying to be rude here, just sayin…


The reason why I bought Rytm is the sequencer and the analog synthesis, the samples (for me) in this machine act as layers to create drumkits. When my melodic needs have increased I bought an A4 instead of using Rytm for everything and I realized that the 1GB + Drive was not as small as it seemed, also because the samples in the Rytm (like in DT) are mono and weigh half. When my needs for sample management will increase and I will need to sample, resample, timestretching, slicing, midi sequencing, EXTRA STORAGE VIA CF and get the shit out sample in general, I will not buy a Digitakt, but an Octatrack.
Digitakt is a toy to taste Elektron sequencer and general workflow but if you need more and are unhappy, you just bought wrong product. Once again: learn to buy

I obliterate beats with 10 seconds of sample time on an SP-1200 using 720kb floppy disks and you’re complaining about not having enough sample time??? 1gb isn’t enough??? kids these days… :weary: