Delicate to Frantic

Feat. guitar through MD and MD drum tracks.
Let me know what you think!

Interesting textures, could see this in a movie easily (probably not a Hollywood blockbuster though, some nice indie film) but it was a bit challenging to listen at times, due to loud, sharp sounds. Maybe smoothen it a little bit?

Cheers for the input! Will bear that in mind.

There’s a stripped down, more minimalist version up here:

Thanks again!

God, this is so good, but I’m finding it hard to wrap my head around how you’re affecting your guitar here. Are you recording it to samples or is the process realtime?

EDIT: sorry^ found this: I recorded and treated the guitar tracks (mostly with the Strymon delay) before I sent it to the Machinedrum but I left the buzzing and all noises caused by using a single-coil guitar in. After having assigned the sounds to the Machinedrum’s keys, I just “played” them the MDUW, hoping for the best.

It is beautiful

Hey thanks for your opinion; I have altered the mix a little bit. Let me know if you think it works better this way!

Thanks a lot!

This has also been used in a short; do check it out here:

Cheers again —Here’s the SC version plus link to some very fitting & atmospheric visuals!

Rather different to this version (posted above):