Despicable Me

I was a silent participant in this year’s no gear year for a while.
Exactly after 3 months I failed and got a GAS relapse.
The Octatrack was the beginning and since then I’ve been stuck in the synth buying spiral again, it’s just wonderful …


Yea…just got a Perfourmer and a Flame Maander and a few other items to go with my new OT.

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I’m really intrigued by the Flame Maander. Some of the examples on Flame’s website are excellent, but there are few other examples out there. My reservations are that it may not be that flexible sonically if you get me. In other words, I get the impression that it has a very strong sonic character which could lead to samey results, or the Maander’s signature “sound” being too dominating. I guess it could be great for dub techno, melodic downtempo and ambient, but I haven’t heard any examples of it used in techno or electro. Anyways would be great it you could share impressions, even better post some sounds in the Maander thread.

For sure. I got it last week and actually really have enjoyed it for the limited time I’ve had with it. Will work on learning it a bit more and try out some sounds and maybe post a few soon.

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:+1: Glad to hear your first impressions are positive,