Dick Malibu service issues : Waiting for my MachineDrum faceplate

this. all day long… although Id go a step further and say only charge customers when the product actually ships out the door and is backed up with a tracking number

its pretty simple to run a legit business even when you are an absent minded type or “free spirited” or prone to drama or whatever… and like all things in business - it all revolves around MONEY - how you handle it, etc.

money talks, bullshit walks

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Got a follow-up email which looks like a group email to any pending orders. Basically summed up what he sent me initially, but instead of orders starting to ship on 11/4, it’s bumped back 2-3 weeks.

Still gonna hold out for a bit, I’d really like this faceplate… but ya, the concept of taking money and not being able to reliably meet expected shipment dates, then needing to be messages/called for updates is not a great business practice. I really hope the faceplate is far superior to the service.

Wouldn’t be hard.

I gotta say the interaction i’ve had with @dickmalibu was pretty pleasant and quick. This was last year though. He even called me after the order and we chatted about gear and stuff. I wouldnt say he’s a scammer, just know that you are dealing with a very small shop that makes custom faceplates for a very small market.

Sometimes all you need is patience

Patience comes much easier with communication. The only reason this post existed is because I made a payment with an ETA that was long overdue and I stopped receiving responses. I’m not made of stone, but I need reassurance. I expect the same from anyone doing business, large or small. I don’t personally run a company, but I do give as much notification (and feedback) as possible when handling with my own local transactions or eBay sales. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

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Heard back yesterday. Orders start shipping 11/28/16-11/2/16 (I believe this should be 12/2).


Thanks for the update :thup:

Has anyone heard anything recently from DM regarding their faceplates? Or actually received theirs from the last batch of pre-orders? I’m still waiting for my MD Black faceplate…

What a surprise!

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Sadly, no. I’ve emailed them twice now since the expected shipping window, no reply. What a disappointing “company”.

He was online 23 hours ago. https://www.elektronauts.com/users/dickmalibu/activity

Not sure what compels somebody to provide such woeful customer service tbh. Takes 5 minutes per day to keep people in the loop even if production is running late.

I’ve called and emailed without luck. Any updates would be much appreciated @dickmalibu.

Thanks for trying @adUb! Here’s hoping @dickmalibu will chime in sooner than later for all our orders. It’s been delay after delay… and where I can understand some manufacturing is difficult (especially for smaller companies), simply not responding to customers that paid long ago is simply unacceptable.

This again … I waited for a long time too, in the run before this, and when trying to establish contact either had radio blackout or vague answers. In the end I got some firm answers, and the faceplate sent to me with a rebate. However it did not fit … I was refunded eventually. A long wait though.

Ok… well just in case @dickmalibu is monitoring this thread, I’m happy to keep waiting for the faceplate as long as it does eventually arrive one day.

would be great if he could please just ping us with a quick status update via IM / email / this thread / carrier pigeon to let us know whats happening… thanks


Hey guys, I’m in the same boat. Called, emailed, etc. no response. I’m super sympathetic to how hard it is to run a small business and am totally willing to be patient, but I really need some kind of update or I’m going to have to start assuming the worst here.

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I’m sorry small company or not, you need to offer some decent customer service and communicate clearly!


Still awaiting an order myself. But unfortunately still willing to wait this out as I really love the faceplate…

However with no responses to anybodies emails or calls, what gives?

finally got a call yesterday with a further explanation. personal issues caused the delay once again, however i was explained that the faceplates were done and they would be shipped out this weekend.

…and as of today i have a tracking number!