Did I buy a faulty Monomachine?

Hi. I recently bought a Monomachine MK2. I’ve performed a factory reset, and I’ve also performed a test mode, and the Monomachine reports that all is OK.

Though, there are three things I’ve noticed.

  1. When changing tracks, there comes a relatively loud click-sound when pressing down the 1-16-keys for the first 5-6 times after changing tracks. When changing to a new track and playing the 1-16-keys, this repeats itself. What could the reason for this be? The click sound could best be described as a pitched-up and loud attack-click, but it got nothing to do with the attack setting.

  2. The first day I had the Monomachine, I was playing the keys 1-16 in the first kit A01, when the Monomachine suddenly “freezes” and only emitted a sustained beep-sound. Had to turn the Monomachine off and on again. This happened two times, and have not happened since.

  3. One time I experienced that a “second note” would appear after pressing the 1-16-keys. The “second note” was always the same regardless of which 1-16-key I pressed. Tried to change tracks, but the “second note” followed. Suddenly it stopped, and everything was back to normal again.

I am a bit worried that I’ve bought a faulty Monomachine. Any suggestions to what could be the reason for all this, especially for the click sound when changing tracks, as described in 1?

The firmware version is 1.32b, it says on-screen under startup.

issue number 2 has happened to me recently. thats the first time its ever happened to me in 8 years. maybe its the latest os issue?

At least a couple of us have experienced issue #3 you mentioned. Seems like an OS bug.

Here’s a recording of the sound as described in the first post:


You can hear the sound at seconds 11, 13, 20, 32, og 37.

Sometimes I get weird clicks from the FX track trigs, but not quite sure why you have that sound if you are not sequencing FX tracks.

Do you get the clicks when you trigger from MIDI instead of from the buttons?

I had issue 3 happen last night, the second note sounds when I release the trig key. I turned it on and off and the issue disappeared.

issue 3 happens. I just turn poly mode on and off, and it’s fixed.

Thanks for all your inputs on this, guys. I was the seller of this one, so taking it back, and will have to troubleshoot these issues (as I hadn’t noticed any of them myself).