Digitakt Ambient on tape (new jam, March 18th)

Thank you. I will give it my all. :pray:

Just added another one of these jams called ‘Moons’ to the first post. Again made with single cycle sounds. Digitakt really shines when using them imho.

These tracks are not on the albums right? Any plans to make them available on the camp? The Digitakt album? :slight_smile:


These tracks are not on any album, sorry. I’m just
uploading them as I’m recording.

The idea of a proper release crossed my mind but I don’t want to promise anything at this point. If I release them, I will do it right with decent mastering and a tape version.

But thanks for asking. I take it as a compliment.

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You should!

I’ll keep an eye out for them, bandcamp is followed :slight_smile:

Vinyl not an option?

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At some point I might risk a vinyl release with Seil Records. Not sure if with an album of my own or of another artist. But that’s something for the future. Tapes are the way to go for the time being.

Love your tapemachine.

The sounds you put through as well.

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Thanks so much. :pray:

Added another ambient Digitakt track. This time with simple drone samples from the Mangrove oscillator and a Korg Wavestation.

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Already a fan and these new DT pieces are fantastic! Nice to see you posting here. Your older albums have really been inspiring to me and now this and how it changes the way I can approach my OT. Cheers and keep it up!

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Awesome, are you sampling the synths into the Digitakt through your pedals or clean?

Love your Rytm sound pack btw, still use those samples a lot!

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Thanks guys, so glad you like the Digitakt jams. I’m having a lot of fun making the tunes and it’s always great to get positive feedback. Keeps me motivated. :pray:

I sampled some sounds dry and some through the Warped Vinyl. But I just randomly picked some out of the folder and since they are rather short, the modulation isn’t always audible. So I can’t say for sure which ones I used. Let’s settle for 50/50 :slight_smile:

It’s awesome you’re using the sample pack. I’m a bit proud right now. Haha.

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Awesome stuff. Very inspiring

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Merino’s my favourite of the lot so far👍

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Just uploaded a new one called ‘Instincts’. Besides one small field recording, simple drones from Mangrove and Dixie 2+ oscillators and a Korg Wavestation were used

Hope you like it. Have a nice weekend!

Just added a new track (Lights). Hope you like it.

This time I sequenced my mini modular system with the Digitakt. The samples on the Digitakt are from that system, too. Again, everything recorded straight to tape. Just added some reverb in Ableton as I don’t have a hardware reverb at the moment and wanted to have both sound sources go through the same verb.

I added a new jam (Engines). But for some reason the videos only show up as links and not as players now. Can’t seem to change that. Not sure if I did something wrong or if it’s the forum software.

Loving the entire set. I always enjoyed your OP-1 jams back in the day but I think you’ve reached a whole new level of composition and production with the DT.

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Thank you so much!

The good old OP-1 days sure where fun. But I learned quite a bit since then. Very glad it is noticable :slight_smile:

these vids are awesome! great sound. cool visual styling :slight_smile:

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