Digitakt as a sound card?

I thought DT was suppose to be a sound card too? Cant seem to get this function to work… Is there something I’m missing? I downloaded and installed the 1.01 OS update and Transfer 1.0. I did not see any drivers available for download. It is not showing up as a sound input/output option.

I’m running
Mac OSX 10.12.5

Any help would be awesome :relaxed:

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I think that it can’t be used as a sound card right now, not before overbridge is released.

I might be wrong, but I think it’s only good for monitoring. The other OB boxes actually affected the audio in someway but, logically speaking, this doesn’t- it just let’s audio pass through.

I wouldn’t expect it to act as a soundcard

I’m pretty sure Cenk said multiple times at Superbooth that it could be used as a sound card? :scream:

It says this under the Overbridge specs.
“Use Digitakt as a 2 in/2 out sound card (CoreAudio/ASIO/WDM)”

I guess we got to wait till Overbridge comes out…
Anyone know when it will be released?

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I’m ok with (and planned on) purchasing premium Overbridge. Just wish I didn’t have to wait an undisclosed about of time. Wish they could put out a core audio driver to use while we wait…

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As overbridge hasn’t been released and therefore DT can’t be used yet as an audio interface, information on the audio interface side still seems a little vague at this stage. I probably should download the manual for confirmation?
I am interested in the DT, as I need a mobile sound card and the drum sampler looks fun. What I want confirmation on is the exact signal flow on the stereo inputs?
I presume the stereo l/r signal is preserved when passing audio thru to computer via OB? Can the l/r inputs have the internal effects (reverb and delay at this stage) applied before sending on thru to computer via OB?
Still no idea when OB will be released I guess? Will only be interested in purchasing when OB is available.

I think the multi track audio support is supposed to be free but the ability to use it like a VST would cost money? Not completely sure… either way I look forward to the overbridge integration.

Nope. Multitrack will cost you money. You will only be able to record the stereo outs over usb for a limited amount of time in the free version. Have a look over at the OB section on this forum. It didn’t console me. Elektron has a long way to go with OB. Asking money for it might be hard when it’s unstable and only works on specific setups.

Hi guys! Does overbridge work with Digitakt streaming 8 channels of audio on the DAw of choice? Also, is it free?
(I gues the answer to first two questions is affirmative)
Also, does it work in paralle with your main sound card or it has to become the main soundcard?

It works as a VST on a lot of DAWs. You can stream that way or just by having it as the soundcard.
You can choose to use it as a VST while your main interface does the rest of the job.

As far as I understand it you can’t route the audio inputs through the internal effects as the audio, though able to be monitored is really just to sample from. Don’t know for sure if this may be something they can change in the future, but I don’t think it can for now.

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