Digitakt/Beatstep Pro/0-Coast/Mother32/Model D/Neutron Midi setup options

I have on my desk in front of me…
Beatstep Pro
Model D
Neutron (Coming soon;))
And some modular.

I would like to incorporate all these in a way that I can use the Digitakt and the BSP to sequence. As you can imagine I want the BSP to cover the CV/Modular side of things whilst using the Digitakt to deal with everything else.
I have a Kenton Midi Thru-5 also, so was hoping this would cover the connections needed outside of cv.

So, what would you people suggest as the best way to interconnect everything so I can start to crack this digitakt nut and actually lay something down without wanting to drive my head in to the desk???


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You have a fairly large collection of nice gear, and more than one sequencer, so there are many ways to arrange this. I don’t know how experienced you are with the gear; if you’re just starting out, work on connecting just a couple of pieces first, and then add each one once you’re comfortable with the existing set up.

I haven’t used the Beatstep Pro so others may have better ideas than me but, if I had this gear, I would plan the following:

  1. Ignore the Neutron and the unspecified modular gear temporarily.

  2. Use the Digitakt as the master timing clock for the system, and synchronize the other gear to it.

  3. Connect Digitakt MIDI Out to Thru-5 MIDI In.

  4. Connect the Thru ports of the Thru-5 to Beatstep Pro, 0-Coast, Mother 32, Model D

  5. Learn to sequence the 0-Coast, Mother 32, and Model D from the Digitakt.

  6. Learn to sync the Beatstep Pro to the Digitakt

Then pause for thought before plunging into CV/Gate sequencing.

Just a first suggestion.


Cheers, yea I am pretty proficient with the gear I have, but adding in the Digitakt has thrown up some options so I wanted to see if anyone was using a similar setup.

As it stands, what you have mentioned is pretty much the route I was going down, using a mixer to feed samples to the Digitakt and also for use to record to a Roland VS1880 (use the aux for effects) for a quick recording option without turning on all the other gear.

As for the gear, I’ve got a bit more here than that, but it’s all connected via my imac/ableton. Gear includes…
Akai MPC Live
Arturia Drumbrute
DSI Prophet 08
Korg Arp Oddy
Korg Minilogue
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys
Moog Sub37
Novation Bass Station2
Roland JD800
Roland Juno 60
Roland JP-08
Roland SH-01a
Roland SH101
Roland TB3
Roland TR8
Yamaha CS10
Yamaha CS1x
Yamaha CS6x

All the above runs through an Allen & Heath QU32 into Ableton. Would be nice to eventually have everything connected and the ability to sequence with the Digitakt or MPC Live…but ya know how it goes, more gear, more woes.

Plus various effects pedals, guitar/bass stuff.
So as you can see, I’ve got a bit of gear here lol.

I’ll say. :ooh:

Sounds like my baby-steps suggestions were pitched way too low for you. My apologies.

Haha, no worries mate. I am happy for any suggestions. Sometimes having so much can cloud the simplest of views making things harder than they should be :slight_smile:

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