Digitakt connection to laptop

Hi All,
I’ve got the RK-002 going with my Digitakt and I’m having fun with the Euclidean rhythms. For some reason I can’t get the Digitakt to show up and work with my laptop running GarageBand. I’ve got it hooked up from the USB port of the Digitakt to the USB of my laptop. I’ve been going through all the midi settings but can’t get it to work. I’ve also tried it without the RK-002 and still nothing. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

Do you have your midi settings on the digitakt set to USB? Is the digitakt set to be in overbridge mode?

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Yes I set it to usb. I’ll try again, maybe some of them are set to midi+usb. I have t seen any mention of overbridge in the settings. Thanks for getting back to me. We’re working on an album (Dengue Fever) and I’d love to use some of the ideas coming out of the Digitakt.

If your digitakt is running the newest firmware (1.10) it may be in overbridge mode without you setting it that way as it seems for some people the upgrade has done this.
To check go into the setting menu, select system, and then select usb config. There will be 2 options there overbridge mode and usb+midi only.

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It’s running 1.08. I didn’t know it’s up to 1.10. If I can get my computer to see it I can up grade it.

These boxes don’t show up as external devices on computers. You’ll find the device in the C6 application. Select in port and out port from there

I looked for C6 application and ended up using the “transfer” app. The good news is that my computer sees the Digitakt. Does anyone know where or how projects can be dropped and transferred? It seems like it’s only set up for samples. Thanks for helping

you need c6 to back up projects and sounds through sysex.

it can be found here

Thank you!