Digitakt , digitone and other hardware synth plus keystep37?

How do i connect up digitakt , digitone and other hardware synth plus keystep37 so digitakt is master but so i can use keystep for digitone and other synth?

Ive read a bunch of other posts and tried a whole bunch of things but i’m clearly doing something wrong coz i cant get it to work

I have had similiar issue with my setup: Keystep 37, A4, Digitone and Moog Sirin. I personally feel that the Keystep 37 works best as Master Clock. Since the A4 and Digitone do not send Arps to external gear its really nice to have the Keystep to record it’s Arps/Seqs into Elektron boxes for external Midi Gear. Not to mention Keystep 37 Scale features now. You can get much closer to having the external Midi Tracks feature many of the Elektron Seq track features, especially since external midi tracks support Elektron Trigs. The setup can be tricky though depending on your setup. If you do not have the Keystep 37 dip switches set to Internal you lose alot of your control features it provides. I have found with this setup I have retained the best features of Elektron Sequencing and the onboard features of the Keystep 37.
My setup has the Keystep 37 Midi out into the A4 Midi In. The A4 Midi Out Sync A and the A4 Midi Thru Sync B go to the inputs of my Midi Solutions Merger. Then Output 1 of the Merger goes into the Midi In of my Digitone. Finally the Sync A Midi A out of the Digitone goes into the Midi In of my Moog Sirin.
The important thing to note is to not have the A4 send Clock to the Digitone since the Keystep is sending Clock to both A4 and the Digitone (and Moog via Digitone Midi Out). If you do not do this then your BPM rate will be “Doubled” at the Digitone.
In my setup I have no mixer so my audio setup is: Sirin into Meris Pedals into A4 Ext. In’s > A4 Mains > Digitone In Right/In Left. However I record the Moog Midi Track into one of the Digitone Midi tracks as I have the Midi Source tabs/knobs setup to control CC’s of the Moog Sirin. Which works really well.
I have A4 tracks setup as Midi Channels 1-4 and Auto Channel 9. I have the Digitone Tracks setup as 5-8, Auto Channel 10 and Digitone Midi Track 1 as Midi Channel 12 (same as Sirin). When I use the A4 in Song Mode to control Digitone and Moog I set the A4 Auto Channel to Match the Digitone. It took some head scratching and reaching out to Elektronauts especially regarding Digitone CC setup. But one you get it all working and organized it gets much easier. I think the key is keeping things very consistent once you get your workflow ironed out. Hope this is helpful.

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Cheers for that! i will give it try later or tomorrow.

Did you get things working?