Digitakt & Digitone Set Up Help

I have my DT and DN set up the same way as Ivar Tryti has his set up in the following video (the only difference is that I have the output of the DN going into the AH):

Things were working fine, but now the DT won’t trigger the DN on start/stop. The project and pattern names are the same on both machines. The DT is sending a signal, as the tempo changes on the DN when it is changed on the DT.

Can anyone suggest settings I may need to check on both machines to help correct the problem. Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Try switching to a different project and back again (make sure you save project first, obvs).
Or just try the same settings on a completely new project.

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@Fin25 I tried your first suggestion (did not work). I will try your second suggestion later. Thanks for your help. :v:

Have you recently updated the firmware on your instruments?

There are now separate controls for TRANSPORT SEND and TRANSPORT RECEIVE in the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > SYNC menu.


It was the transport send and receive. Things working again. Thanks for the help. :upside_down_face:

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