Digitakt examples @ Soundcloud

DT audio samples on :3lektron: soundcloud are really great… I wonder if they are related to the presets? If not, can we have details about them?


That would be awesome if they were! Have you heard the song Simon did on the DT with this months challenge? Very good and all from the provided sample!

Very nice one! Can’t wait to get mine :grimacing:

Listening again I don’t think that tracks are straight from presets, some names suggest they are related tho

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Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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My first bit of noodling with the Digitakt. I’m just getting the basics down at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be able to build some more complex and interesting tracks as I get more comfortable with it. For now, I’ll just start it like this. :wink:



Super nice!

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This is my favorite one

So beautiful, would love to hear how this bass was done


Solid beat right there, man! I think Dilla would be proud

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Thanks man! I appreciate it!

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Thank YOU! I’m also envious of your visual art abilities btw

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Thanks! Everything in the track is made with a noise and sinewave sample from the Factory samples. The bass is made by simply overdriving the sinewave sample and then into the lowpass filter.

The examples are indeed different from the Factory Presets since we wanted people to have more freedom in selecting their samples, and using the resampling as well as samples not in the factory. That said, a large majority of the sounds in the Soundcloud demos are using the Factory samples.


Whoa! Thanks Simon! Really nice track! Is this you?

I was guessing that was a sine by the name but it sounds so good I think “man, this have to be a synth sample!”. Super excited with DT synth capabilities! :heart_eyes:

i havent? where do i find this challenge song? looked around but cant find it


Thanks :relieved:


I have done a couple of tunes that is on Soundcloud. The first one is best. Should I post it here?


Hah - yeah - mission accomplished I guess.
I’ve had the most fun with the DT so far just loading in a bunch of single cycles and using it more like a wavetable synth/drum.

@micken do it! :thup:

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Something a bit experimental and a bit ambient.

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Thats exactly what I have been doing , using it as a wavetable synth. It really shines there.

Some electro stuff – not too polished, just fairly quickly in and out – direct from the digitakt, with the exception of a limiter in Ableton.