Digitakt FX loop?

thought it’d be worth a try throwing this out there for any creative workarounds on this. I grew up very guitar-centric and therefore have more effect pedals than I need and would love to make some sort of fx loop board for my digitakt that isnt just sending through the master output (it tends to sound flat and one dimensional when a bunch of fx are equally laid on top of the digitakt’s entire output as far as my applications for it go). what I’m really looking for is a way to send only certain tracks into my fx or some tracks going into separate fx entirely.

the only “solutions” I’ve arrived at thus far are resampling tracks through the desired fx back through the input which isn’t ideal since the effect becomes static to that resample and doesn’t allow me to mess with settings as it plays or utilize feedback loops and other fun applications certain pedals have built in.

the other “solution” is to pan all of the tracks I want going through the fx loop to one side and then returning it to the audio in with monitoring on and then using only the other output as an actual output OR just sending that that side to the mixer separately (as I don’t always use a mixer). aside from this not allowing me to apply any sort of actual panning or ping ponging of delays and making my stereo fx mono only, for some inexplicable reason it doesn’t sit well with me. it also makes controlling the level between all tracks a pain.

has anyone done any physical modding to include an external fx loop? are there midi or usb devices I am ignorant to that utilize what I’m looking for? all sorts of input are welcome, even if it doesn’t solve specifically what I’m asking. I love hearing new ways of gear application. also my current computer is on it’s way out so my setup as of now is dawless… more limitations I know. thanks!

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I think the only real way to achieve what your looking for is with overbridge and an interface. Just route audio from individual tracks in the daw through outputs then back in as inputs. Most DAWs should have a way to add external insert to your signal chain.

I know your currently dawless, but I don’t think there’s any other way to apply insert effects to the digitakt


You can treat your stereo left/right as effect dry/wet. You might want an external mixer for this though, looping back the effects into the Digitakt could lead to some funny feedback.

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yeah… waiting for it to be financially viable to drop $$ on a new computer and then really get to know overbridge. someday… thanks for the input. I’m sure I’ll have more inquiries on how that setup works when the day comes

I like this! I can use panning on certain tracks to keep it from going through the the fx at all without sacrificing that function on the whole. thank you. and yeah, funny feedback and weird artifacts probably why that idea doesn’t sit well with me.

I’m personally really fond of this method though! You can also configure it not as dry/wet but to mix different effect routings. With the LFO and the motion sequencing it all gets really nice!

The only downside is that everything coming from the Digitakt gets reduced to mono - apart from the effects themselves maybe.

But if you’re worried about feedback, just use a mixer. You can even use the mixer’s aux sends for even more flexible effect routings :crazy_face:


oh man… yes. now I’m thinking of picking up some Y splitter cables for more configuration madness and just exhaust all the inputs on my mixer with the digitakt hah. this might be the idea I’ve been waiting for to start using the midi loopback trick to open up more lfo options and whatnot… :thinking:

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Don’t forget about the headphone out. It too can be sent to effects. If you use a y cable on the headphone out you effective get two sets of outputs that you can apply effects too.

I send the headphone out of my digitakt in the inputs of my monomachine to process with fx and then the L/R output of the digitakt through a different effects chain into my mixer.