Digitakt - Initialize Different Memory Configurations

Anyone else kind of not like the way sample memory is allocated?

127 samples per project, but… we have 8 banks with 16 patterns each. I feel like there’s a huge disparity there. Really there’s minimal purpose for so many banks and patterns per project, at least in my utilization, which is why I wish there was different initializations for the Digitakt.

An example could be, double the samples per project but cut the number of patterns per bank in half… Or something along those lines, for composition as well as live use I would find this far more useful. Various initilizations for the memory usage could be extremely handy for creating entire albums or live sets on the DT, easily transferable with Sysex.

Just doing the math, 128 patterns/project, 8 sample minimum per pattern… That’s 1,024 possible (I know, unrealistic) samples per project in theory that could be utilized, if you didn’t double any samples on different samples. Let’s add in sample locking to that now, and it could become a tremendous number! (again, just for example)

Who’s getting to bank 8, pattern 16 with only 127 samples available in a project? I don’t really make techno and I know that’s popular for the Digitakt, but can anyone explain why the pattern/project number is so high while the total sample number/project lags quite a bit in comparison? I can easily construct an entire track or even a 10+ minute improv jam using my guitar and analog synths I MIDI sequence from my Digitakt with a Quadra Thru. When I program effectively and especially while utilizing trig parameters I rarely find myself reaching for more than 4 patterns for an entire song.

Sample chains are very useful. While there is only 127 slots for samples, there is 64mb of sample memory. If you use sample chains you can utilize the total amount of memory more effectively.

I typically write a track per bank, I do not write techno. The 127 slots/64mb of memory generally seems to be enough. I’ve run out of sample memory before slots though a few times, sample chains and long field recordings does eat memory.


I dont think I have filled a single project ram so far but I have plenty of 100% filled projects, I do tend to experiment a lot with the same samples though and the limited +drive space has steered me away from a extravagant sampling style.

Yea I just got a Zoom H6 so I have been experimenting heavily with my acoustic instruments I’ve had for years like saxophone, maracas, African flute as well as field recordings… been eating away at sample spaces.