Digitakt Input> Output routing incl. Pan settings

Hi there,

I wonder if there is a feature where I can route and mix an input signal directly to the outputs of Digitakt including the Pan Settings for L/R Output.

As you might know this feature is implemented in the Analog4 . But I cannot find a simliar or a basic implementation for Live Mixing in the Digitakt. There is also no paragraph in the table of content sectionin the Digitak´s Manual. I am not a Digitakt Expert-so far- therfore I would be very happy if someone who knows the Digitak very well could give me some guidance or advise regarding this topic.

Looks like you can’t pass monitored stereo signals through the DT. This is definitely unfortunate. If the 8 voice limitation is an issue I would propose allowing the user to designate two of the audio tracks for a stereo passthrough where if you were monitoring only 6 audio tracks would be available for playback.

Thanks for confirming.
Unfortunately this is an issue for me then . What a bummer, there’s always something missing from Elektron. I wonder if such little things are simply overlooked out of naivety or intention.

edit: removed comment, wasn’t precisely relevant. Panning IN the DT vs Panning Inputs outside the DT in a DAW

Yeah - that’s the odd thing - using DT as an audio interface, or with Overbridge, it can handle a stereo input just fine. But it can’t simply pass it through directly. Maybe with a firmware update? Certainly it’s an oft-requested feature.

Not using OB/ DAW - I run a stand alone setup-
It should be easy to do a fw upgrade / its all there ( Octatrack) but Elektron Product Management seems to think not to do and protecting Octa Sales which I would expect below near to zero , its a sunset product ( I am an Ex owner)