Digitakt- loading new samples to project displaces old ones?


Has anyone had this issue?

Im loading new samples to a project- there are loads of free spaces on the RAM drive- all good.
Then i go to another pattern and notice that some of the original samples saved on it have been replaced by the new ones loaded earlier in the other pattern.

Fortunately i was able to find the originals again- in this case they were only one or two slots away from where they were originally- but dont want this happening at all obviously!

Any suggestions or similar experiences?


Did you load the samples individually or did you make a bunch of ticks next to the samples and load them as a batch?, I know when I first started using my Digitakt if I accessed the +DRIVE the wrong way( through the track sample page) I would end up replacing sample slots instead of adding them to the bottom of the list, which then messed up other patterns utilising the same slots.
Press the sample button and browse the kits, tick any samples you like, press right arrow to open up the options and remember to load them up to the project before browsing another kit as you cant load samples from multiple places in one hit, if its not that then support may be your best option.

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Yeah i made a bunch of ticks and loaded as a batch?
It sounds like you were doing exactly what im experiencing now so whats the right way of accessing the +drive?

It sounds like you have been doing the right thing but there is no right way, it depends what you want to do. My query was if you had maybe accessed and swapped a sample through the track src route (func+src, func+yes) at some point, because doing so replaces the currently selected slot with a new sample , which would lead to any other patterns in the project that are using the same sample slots being effected too, much like you described. Accessing and loading samples to the +drive though the cog button will add those samples to the end of the list where there is no opportunity for cross pattern slot mixups.

Sounds like it could be an OS bug or something- it wouldnt be a surprise!
I’ll get in touch with support…
Thanks for the input though :+1: