Digitakt midi loopback trick

Ola DT ers,

Is there some one who has experience with the midiloop back trick?
1 midicable to the in and out
As noticed in this tut.
16 advanced Digitakt ideas, tips and tricks

That’s soo cool you can use more lfo’s to manupilate the sound, i got some out of this planet sounds with it.
Big downfall, the Digitakt crashes with this trick…:frowning:…for now i’ll keep doin it, sample it and hope it does not freeze , any1 experience with this, would love to work tthis without freezing the unit…greets Jeffrey

Back when I had DT it would only crash sometimes using this trick. Some say don’t ever hit stop twice to prevent it from happening. Others swear by this little cable for even more tricks:

There are a bunch of midi loopback discussions on here if you search for them


Aight…tnxs for the tip

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