Digitakt MIDI question

I’m pretty much on the verge of getting a Digitakt. I have a Digitone and really like how the Midi tracks work in comparison to the Octatrack in terms of hold step and play Chord/notes so much that it it’s hard to live without it going back to the OT. The overlapping notes is also a superb improvement. I wondered if anyone can confirm that the Digitakt behaves the same way in this regard? It’s a big reason for me to get it and Have it replace the OT with Midi duties. I understand there are only 4 notes on the DT vs DNS 8 notes, that’s not a big issue for me.

The other thing I’m hoping is that all Mutes for Audio and Midi tracks can be available at the same time via the trig pads like the OT which I use a lot, the DN doesn’t seem to have a way to do this via the trig pads which is a disappointing aspect which I hope they will add. I love everything else about it though.

Thanks for any help!

func + trig pad should mute any audio track, not sure about midi

It is the same for muting the midi tracks on the digitakt

Thanks, that’s good to know. If only the DN had that capability, instead it has 4 Track Keys which affect either audio tracks or Midi tracks depending on which mode you are in, so there is no way to simultaneously access them all without an external controller. In mute mode the trig keys remain chromatic.