Digitakt - Midi Sequencing for Hardware

Hey everyone,

I have a rather simple question and hope you can help me out. I have a Digitakt, TD3 with internal sequencer and a Moog Minitaur. Since the new update I wanna run both of them through the internal mixer and use the effects. However, I need to sequence both of them through the Digitakt and i dont get it working :frowning:

I thought I could use the Sync B as a second Midi Out, but apparently I cant do that. Does anyone know how to sequence two different hardwares through the Digitakt - which settings I need to have? The TD3 has an internal sequencer, so actually I just need to sync it but even that only works through the Midi Out, which I then cannot use for the Moog anymore.

Hopefully someone can help me!

Peace & Love

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MIDI messages are sent on “channels”, so you can send messages for multiple devices down the same route.

MIDI has IN, OUT and THRU ports. IN and OUT are fairly clear in meaning. THRU ports resend a copy of all the data which comes to an IN port.

MIDI also sends synchronisation and sequence control messages, called “Transport” (play, stop, etc).

You will need to connect your devices in a logical way, and configure them to send and receive data on different channels.

You could get something like what you want with the following connections.

eg 1
DIGI THRU -> Minitaur

eg 2
DIGI OUT -> Minitaur
Minitaur THRU -> TD3

Let’s take eg2.
Set the DIGI up so you have one MIDI track send MIDI Channel 1 (for the Minitaur). Use the MIDI Sync settings so the DIGI will send MIDI Clock and MIDI Transport. (If I remember correctly, clock and transport don’t need a MIDI channel, all devices in the chain will get them).

Set the Minitaur to receive on channel 1. Now the DIGI can sequence the Minitaur.

Set the RD3 to receive Clock and Transport (I don’t know how). Perhaps set it to receive other MIDI data on channel 2, just in case. Now the TD3 should sync with the DIGI, but use its sequencer.

This is just a rough introduction.

I have TD3 and Model D connected to my DT. I use midi out of the digi to the td3, then out of the td(the out is also a through)to the model d and back to the DT’s input, making sure the two devices have different midi channels. Both synths have a mono audio cable going straight in the back of the DT, one left one right.
Go to midi sync and check clock and transport send boxes, then go into port settings and make the connections for input /output midi and also check all the destination settings to internal.
After that its just a case of selecting a midi track, holding func and clicking the channel icon encoder on the source page to select which DT midi track goes to which midi channel and a visit to the external input page to turn the volume up and add fx.