Digitakt not recognized by USB...I'm stumped!

I recently got a new (or well, used) Macbook pro via Craigslist, and everything is working great, except it doesn’t want to recognize my Digitakt! It’s a 2015 model running Mojave, and my old one is a 2013 running Mojave.

Now, I know the issue isn’t in the Digitakt config, because I just plugged it in to the OLD laptop to test, and it still recognizes the Digitakt and sequences Ableton just fine. In addition to that the new computer was setup using migration assistant, so settings should be identical. I’ve also confirmed that the USB port itself works. I plugged in my iPhone and it connected fine. Digitakt is using latest Overbridge Beta with Overbridge mode enabled.

I’m really at a loss here. Tried Transfer, C6, Ableton, Overbridge…nothing recognizes it. It’s like a ghost, but again ONLY on the new machine. “System information” - USB lists Elektron Digitakt under the the USB tree device. My best guess is that something went screwy during the migration, and I need to find a way to make the computer think it’s seeing the Digitakt for the first time? I can submit a ticket to Elektron, but really hoping someone here might know what’s going on, since I’m hoping to get this fixed by tomorrow…Thanks!

Did you copy Ableton over with migration assistant? I couldn’t put the same reg code on two macs. Maybe Ableton is throwing a spaz telling your new Mac that the DT belongs to another Mac?

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I did copy Ableton with migration assistant, yeah, though I don’t know if that would explain all the standalone stuff (C6, Overbridge, Transfer) not recognizing it?

In “Audio midi setup” click window then “show midi studio.
Is your DT there with the right connections?

Try a different cable and try with an USB 2.0 hub in between.

Just tried using a hub on both ports and nothing. I’ll have to order a USB cable on Amazon to try that.

If I click “show midi studio” it just says “loading…” forever. Maybe this is something I need to call Apple about. Really hope it’s not a hardware fix because this thing isn’t under warranty :expressionless:

How frustrating. Best of luck with it. If I were in your position, I’d probably grit my teeth and reformat the HD, reinstall MacOS and reinstall everything manually. But don’t necessarily listen to me! I tend to resort to drastic action to solve problems like these.

Have you tried setting the USB to MIDI rather than Overbridge? I just upgraded to a new Macbook using migration assistant, and I was having similar issues with my Analog 4 – Logic wouldn’t recognise it, the Audio MID setup wasn’t loading, and Overbridge Control Panel was saying it wasn’t connected. I changed it to USB-MIDI and suddenly Logic could see it., and Audio MIDI setup was working again. (OB still isn’t working when I switch it back on, but that’s down to OS incompatibility with OB 1, I think. I’ll need to wait for OB 2 to become available as an AU in Logic – I can live with that for now).

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I haven’t tried this, but that’s promising. I’ll give it a shot when I get home tonight!

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All I can say from past experience, is migration assistant is rubbish when moving applications.
If you’re getting that “Loading…” forever box, there’s something buggy for sure, at least the basic apple driver should appear.

Give apple a ring, but before you throw any cash at the problem I’d just backup data and do a complete format and virgin instal, not migrate or copy/paste.

If you’re curious you can check if some of the Elktron .plugin .driver and .vst stuff is there in the folder: Devices > Macintosh > Library > Audio > etc.

Yup! I actually just tried switching to USB only (as per Spikysimon’s advice) and the Digitakt shows up in Ableton/Transfer etc. Progress! The only problem is when I switch back to Overbridge it goes dark again, and Overbridge is pretty key to my set up…So looks like I’m just going to bite the bullet and reformat. It’s going to take a few hours, but at least I’ll know everything is working the way it should.

Edit: Installed everything from scratch and USB/Overbridge works like a charm. So I guess the moral of the story is…migration assistant kind of sucks? There’s something oddly satisfying about building from a clean slate anway. I am reborn :baby: