Digitakt + Octratrack Sequencing Issues

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a Digitakt and also have had the Octatrack for several months. I decided to sequence these 2 machines with each other just to see how they work together but I have had several problems. Instead of inundating the thread with too many questions, I would first like to solve the major problem which is to get the Digitakt to sequence the Octatrack. I have the midi channels set up for all the tracks in each machine but when I sequence the Octatrack with the Digitakt, I do not hear any audio. Also when I hit the midi track button on the Digitakt, I do not hear the sound that is on the corresponding audio track of the Octatrack. I am assuming that I should hear the audio. I have some minor problems with using the Octatrack to sequence the Digitakt, which I might need help with later, but I think it is better for me to solve these problems in small chunks.

Would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Please start by telling us:

  • what MIDI connections you have made between the two instruments,
  • what MIDI settings you have made on both machines, and
  • how you are listening to the audio from both machines.
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I have connected the midi out channel of the Digitakt to midi in channel of the Octatrack. I have also connected the midi out channel of the Octrack to the midi in channel of the Digitakt.

The midi and audio tracks 1-8 on each machine has been set to the corresponding midi channel number.

I have connected the digitakt into the AB channel of the Octrack and then the main of the Octatrack to the speakers. When I press the audio tracks for both of these machines, I can hear the audio coming out of the speakers.

What notes do you send from DT?
Should be C6-C8 for chromatic playing, which correspond to C5-C7 on 0T.
Yes, 1 octave offset.
Notes 72-96

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I just entered some trigs in the DT to listen to the audio. Can I hear any audio if I do that?

…still on my journey to get this issue fixed. I went into the PORT CONFIG menu and changed the TRIG KEY DEST parameter from INT to INT+EXT. Now, when I press the track button, I can hear the sound on the OT’s audio track, but whatever midi track button of the DT that I press, it only plays the audio on T1 of the OT and when I sequence it, I still cannot hear any audio. Is it better for me to post this in the Digitakt section of the forum? Thanks.

If you mean “port” instead of “channel”, then this is good!

If you mean “port” instead of “channel”, then this is of no use for solving your first problem.


What output MIDI channel number have you set for each DT MIDI track? This is found in the SRC page for each individual MIDI track (see page 48 of the latest DT manual), not in the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS menu.

Which MIDI note numbers have you entered in the DT’s MIDI sequencer track(s)?

Have you accidentally muted the DT’s MIDI sequencer track(s)?

No, let’s keep all your questions on this setup together in one topic.


Eureka!..well almost, as there are still a few minor hiccups. I have set the midi notes in the MIDI tracks A - H from C3 - G3 respectively to trig each of the samples on the OT track 1-8 respectively and it works now. Previously, each of the note on the midi track was left at the default value of C5. Is it compulsory that the DT’s midi notes be set within this range? I noticed that sometime, when I set the value beyond C5, it will auto start the sequencer of the OT and the DT will freeze, but no sound is heard, and I have to basically turn it off and on again. Also, when I press MIDI track H to activate the audio sample on the OT’s track 8, I see a sign (!) showing next to the track number on the OT’s screen. Not sure what that means. I still have some questions particularly with the arpeggiator of the OT, but I can fiddle with this progress for awhile to see what I can discover.

No. You should read the post by @sezare56 earlier in this topic that lists how the OT responds to receiving various MIDI notes on its audio tracks. Yous should also read Appendix C of the OT’s manual.

This may be due to a MIDI feedback loop. Do you still have a MIDI connection from the OT’s MIDI Out port to the DT’s MIDI In port? If so, try disconnecting it.

Read this topic to see whether it helps:

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