Digitakt OS 1.11 to 1.10 OS downgrade

Can anybody send me the Digitakt 1.10 OS Update? I need to downgrade.
I need the Digitakt_OS_1.10 SysEX file

I recently upgraded my Digitakt from OS 1.10 to 1.11 and I’ve noticed the following issue.
I use the the Digitakt to parameter lock and clock master my Roland Aira TR-8 drum machine. Since the latest update (OS 1.11) the master clock has been off.
The first note comes in very late, after that the sync works properly.
This is very noticeable when I switch between patterns, each and every time.

The OS version 1.10 did not have this issue at all.
This is a bit of an emergency since my Digitakt is the midi clock master and I’m about to start gigging.

Regards to all.

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Please contact Elektron support directly.

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Will do.

But with news Overbridge? Are Digitakt OS 1.10 good with news verse of Overbridge?

I am having an issue with 1.11 also I need to downgrade back to 1.10. Where can I get the Sysex file for 1.10!


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Already done thanks!