Digitakt Pattern Change Timing

Hi all,

Wanted to have a discussion about the timing between cueing a pattern change and the pattern changing successfully. I feel like the Digitakt is super unresponsive to pattern change cues that are anywhere near the end of the last step of the current pattern.

For instance, I’ll be jamming on a pattern, turning a bunch of knobs and focusing on performance, then go to cue up the next pattern. If I haven’t given the device around 2 or 3 whole beats notice, it will not register the pattern change cue and won’t change to the desired pattern until the next loop.

I come to the Digitakt from other pattern-based workflows and none of them are as laggy and needy as the Digitakt. The DT is otherwise a very responsive device, so this behavior really confused me.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, can you comment on this being normal for Elektron devices?

And insight is helpful. Thanks.


I noticed that when I’m really active with the TRK-all functions/effects on a pattern, the unit is very laggy with pattern changes… in some instances the new pattern will begin with part of the previous pattern playing, before switching to the selected pattern. This gives me the impression that the computer is over-burdened and it takes longer to process commands after cpu-intensive/complex, live effects workouts.

Same here…
Especially When I change all parameters… reset them (fnction yes) and then pattern change…
I feel I am not too late with pressing the pattern change
But… it doesnt change
Because the system wants me to press pattern change one Or two seconds early

I’ve noticed this latency as well.

Yeah me too, but hadn’t really given it a second thought until reading this thread

I’ve only had issues with this when I’ve had a track that had more steps than the track I’m looking at. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but if not – the pattern won’t change until the end of any existing track in the pattern with the longest step length. So, if you’re jamming on a track that’s 16 steps, and you have one somewhere else that is 64, and you hit the next pattern on step 12, it might be step 18, or 44 from the viewpoint of the longest track.

Pardons if this is not what you are describing. I thought it was worth replying, as this gave me a head ache for the first few days.


I experience this as well, and I don’t think it’s normal for all Elektrons. Previously using the AR, I could switch patterns probably within 1 step. The DT lag has definitely taken some getting used to.

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Is there a way to adjust the CH.LEN parameter while in length per track mode to achieve what you’re looking for? I haven’t played around with it myself but it sounds like this could solve the issue.

I never thought about it being a compute strain issue but that makes sense given my sessions. They are usually very busy. I would have to test this.

Yup, this is exactly the problem. Everything about the device is very snappy and expects you to make short, fast motions… except for pattern change which expects you to give it a glacial heads-up.

That’s not what I’m getting at here, but it is a good heads-up for those that may have that issue.

It sucks…

I can learn first to change the pattern
And then to function yes…

It works… and is great
Only needed a rewire in my head/ muscle memory

Unfortunately I have messed up many patterns because I was too late function yes (Or is it function no?)

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stumbled over this “issue” today.
good to know whats really up.
so one can work accordingly.
though unfunny, honestly

This is a huge bummer. I wanted to love the DT, but this just stopped me in my tracks

Cant say I have noticed any lag in pattern change in the last 3 1/2 years, if I set everything up correctly it will change when programmed to.

Today I learnt the following. Program changes to Digitakt are OK when the DT is stopped (not paused). If I play from A4, everything works perfect. Now, when I press stop in A4, in some projects, it pauses DT (not stop). If I run it again without stopping DT from itself, I get these offsets.
I can’t understand why a new clean project in A4 stops DT properly, but some of the projects I have don’t.

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There’s some relevant up to date info over here;