Digitakt - Remember MIDI Settings

This may be a dumb question, but is there a way to get the MIDI mapping to always be a certain way on my Digitakt? I sequence my soft synths in Ableton with it, and love mapping all 8 pots to different parameters on my plugins. The problem is I have to do this every time I open a new patter/new track. It’s so tedious and repetitive that it’s kind of not useable in most scenarios. Am I better off just buying a dedicated midi controller?

Pre-save a template with your midi settings and Re-use it by not saving over it


This is what I do as well. Then just “copy pattern” and all track settings will follow. Save that template pattern within a template project that you always can go to, like Aksdnt said.

Got it! My current workflow is that each project is a kit (so there’s a Machinedrum Project, 808 Project etc) and then of course the patterns within the projects are my actual songs.

I guess I could map accordingly, copy that pattern and then paste it in to all 16 patterns of Bank A for each project. Still seems a little tedious, but I guess I’d only have to do it once.

Because I found myself always midway thru a project wanting to use different MIDI Channel/CC configurations, I started a set of note cards that I have sitting next to my DT. I arranged the CC for each synths I have in a 4 X 2 setup like on the DT… It’s super helpfully to grab the cards for say my OB6…first card has osc, second one has envelopes etc… And I stapled the corner so they don’t get mixed up… I’m always changing my configurations during my studio sessions…thought I’d share my solution…

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