Digitakt sample chains... A Tip from a New User : ) "The number 30!"

Hi people… I’ve been thinking of ways to squeeze more samples into my DT (very pleased with this device btw!.. But Always happy to push the envelope)… So I’ve been sampling (e.g.) 8 hits of similar things equally spaced, and then setting up hits by changing the start time ( and length of samples) to suit integers of the 120 max start time / length value…

So 8 hits = 15, 30, 45, 60 etc. and each starts perfectly on these values (give or take a sample - [edit: as in “a 48k sample point”… not a whole sound!]).

I’ve been sitting around thinking about how annoying it is that the hold-down-sample-start encoder jumps in values of 4, because it doesn’t evenly line up with my 8 (or 4 or 16) samples I pop into these chains… When… A dull light globe went off in my head :slight_smile:

A jump of 4 units per hold-down turn = 30 (not 32) easy-to-access integers between 0-120.

So if you string 30 equally spaced hits into single audio sample, all you need to do to access each one is push-n-twist… boom :slight_smile: Works an absolute treat, and aside from not seeing the sample names, is just as easy as selecting a new discreet sample!..

Those of you who know this / use this already can have a nice chuckle at me trying to dial in “15” “30” etc. for each hit… damn music grid brain just jumped at “8 samples in a row; or 16; or 32”… But for those who haven’t worked this out: it’s really rad, hey :):dizzy_face:

30 x 128 = lala land of samples for an epic live set!!.. (I won’t actually be using that many… but for key hits and loop slices… oh man… it’s really awesome to now have so many to play with)…

I might see that 64Mb limit after all!.. :wink:

[Note - I just hope they don’t update the settings to have 128 values for start time / length… that’d screw me right up and I’ll be resampling everything to include 32 per sample chain!..]


What you’re talking about is clearly the sample chain concept (I changed the title to reflect this, it seems more appropriate, don’t you think?).
The cool thing is I had abandoned the idea because it was hard to dial values and easily plock slices (that’s how you would call a sample portion).
Your tip is pretty cool, I figure now that’s what was missing !

Thanks dear :thup:

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Yup - Sample Chain = perfect… sorry…!! I’ve been using a multi-sampling template I made in Cubase years ago, and just spammed the title out! :wink: I totally get multisampling being misleading haha…

I’m really excited though hey… and dude… give it a shot… I’ve literally just transformed from: “ok, so I’m gonna do it anyway (in 8; 16 etc.); and it’s gonna take time; but it’s worth it” into: “holy crap… this is so easy and fun and perfect”…

Set your sample length to 4, and scroll away…

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