Digitakt - Sequence hard and soft synths while serving as Audio Interface?

I promise this is the last dumb thing I will clutter this forum up with…Right now I’m sequencing my soft synths with Digitakt while feeding in audio from the Digitakt via USB/Overbridge. Works like a charm. What I’d like to do next is add a hardware synth to the equation (specifically the Behringer MS-101). I’ll use the Behringer as my MIDI keyboard, and also sequence it via the Digitakt, WHILE sequencing my soft synths as well. I will also use the Digitakt as my audio interface to run the audio from the Behringer in to Ableton. I think this is theoretically all doable, but I just want to make sure there’s not something I’m overlooking about the limits of Overbridge/the Digitakt. Also want to ensure I wouldn’t need to buy a seperate audio interface before spending the money on a synth. Thanks!