Digitakt track sample select bug

Hi guys. Unfortunately my digitakt started behaving weirdly today. So I have a pattern with samples loaded into them. I save and make sure that the relevant samples are selected for each track (not even trying to select the same sample for two different tracks) it seems to work fine for like a minute and then mysteriously decides to select the sample to OFF state or to the 127th slot in one of them for some reason. There is no LFO assigned to sample select or anything. Tried updating to the new 1.06 version but it still persists. This is the first time something like this is happening and its really unsettling since I have live shows coming up with it :frowning: any help - clue appreciated, cheers

It does this on all tracks?

For the first and the last track only . I now tried copying the pattern to a new slot and testing if it will work. Also seems to reset some of the values in those tracks like sample vol even tho I change it and then make sure I save it

yep no change. Did the same thing again, randomly assigned the first track to OFF value, and the last track to 127th sample with no sample in it… really annoying.

tried clearing those tracks now fingers crossed.

Midi in reloading kit?

Hit save pattern and sav project and unplug midi inputs

thanks trying that now, hope it helps. weird that it just does that for the 1st and the 8th track

it still keeps on randomly turning the sample off even tho I unplugged the midi… no luck with this today and I hope its just a glitch with this pattern/bank… really cannot understand why it works perfectly well for a couple of minutes, then just randomly decides to jump to the off state or the last sample out of the blue… anyone ever had a similar experience? shall I return it?

Internal midi sequencer deactivated?

Load new project and report back . Again also no midi cables plugged in