Digitakt up $100 in Canada at every store!

I’ve spent months asking questions, watching videos and educating myself as much as possible before forking out what was $899 CDN to get a Digitakt. Price just went up to $999 ! Forget it !! Elektron just made my decision easier. Guess I’ll keep checking in to see if price at least goes back down to $899 at some point ! :sob:

If you’re ready to buy, maybe try calling a store or two and see if they’ll honour the old price?

Long n McQuade is still 899$

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Same price here in EU.

Maybe a simple move from Canadian sellers.
There doesn’t seem to be an Elektron conspiration scheme here.

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Oh snap!

I was literally in the Vancouver store today and it was 899!

Digitone is up $50 USD since I bought it last month too. Great investment I guess!!

Prices have been known to go up and down for as long as I’ve been posting round these parts. Par for the course really but like @handed says, worth getting in touch with the store to see what they can do.


Yah, looks like prices have gone up in australia too. Was 970 last July, now selling for 1199 at the same place.

Overbridge baby… this is that $99 OB price being added to the RRP now that it’s available


This price adjustment is to make SAMPLE look more appealing in pricing in Canada, due to the fact that it will cost $599 CDN (approx $449 USD to CAD) which is outrageous.

Analog four and ANalog Rytm didnt go up by $100 to include Overbridge - and besides, we would get $130+ added for that original feature.

Both TomLee Music and L&M basically put Digitakt and Digitone up by $100 at the same time.


Its because they release the new Model Samples and they have to justify the price on that.


Yes agreed it is, and it is as see through as a piece of glass.

Sorry just saw your response. Didnt mean to copy it.

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You didn’t copy it at all. :slight_smile: You and I can just see through glass.

All good :slight_smile:

I got it from GAK in the UK for around £535 a week ago and it has gone up to £645 ish

Hah I wonder if this is related to OB or supply chain issue … or just high demand and investor pressure? Hmm

the AR Mk2 price here in Aus is painful :frowning:

February is the worst time to buy gear. It is when prices are at their highest. It happens every year and this is not related to OB. Last year the digitakt on thomann gained 150€ in february (which it lost throughout the whole year).

It happens not only to elektron, but to lots of other brands and products, if not all.