Digitakt Vinyl Samples Vol. 2

New Digitakt Vinyl Sample Pack


What’s good. Sorry if this is a crosspost.This is the newest installment of my vinyl collection run through my Digitakt. Most pressings are first edition, and I try to have the gatefold edition when applicable (looking at you, Marvin.)

I did this once before, and that dump was a fun learning experience - about 70 samples in total. That Vol. 1 dump is also linked below. This time around, there are about 116 new samples. I don’t know folder fu enough to do a clever combine, so I’m sorry if there are any duplicates.

This backup is to kick off a with a clean machine, to really get deep in my stacks. Gonna fill it up again. Here’s to Vol. 3.


Vol. 1

Vol. 2


Amazing, thanks very much! Getting this on my OT now

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Much <3. Thank you!

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Thanks a million !

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Cheers - will be checking these out over the weekend.

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Sick thanks

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Nice :slight_smile:
Thank you

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