Digitone and Digitakt MIDI Sequencer Differences

Just re-discovered how tight things are when using an Elektron box for drums and use its sequencer to sequence another synth. Used to do it with my Octatrack and currently doing it with my Digitone.
Wondering whether Digitakt has same MIDI sequencing features as Digitone.

Mostly the same, but the Digitone has 4 MIDI tracks with 8 note polyphony per step, and Digitakt has 8 MIDI tracks with 4 note polyphony per step. I ran into that difference when I was sequencing my Peak on the Digitakt, so moved sequencing duties to the Digitone for that.


Also Digitone has multiple scales, while Digitakt only has a chromatic scale.


yes, this was actually the feature I have been using on the Digitone with my Virus TI, it is really handy.