Digitone, Digitakt, Minilogue, TX7 Midi Contoller

Hi Everyone.

Can I use a digitakt for drums/samples and also to sequence small parts on a Digitone, Minilouge and TX7. But also play the TX7 with a midi keyboard.

For example, Load one project on digitakt,

Drums will come from the digitakt, midi chan 1 will sequnce, digitone, 2 TX7, 3 Minilogue.

But I just need to play main chord parts on the minilogue and DX7 and I will manually change patches on these.

Ive probably explained this badly but any help would be great.

This should be possible without any further equipment, especially if the Minilogue is your MIDI keyboard.

In brief:

Physical connections:
Minilogue MIDI Out to Digitakt MIDI In.
Digitakt MIDI Out to Digitone MIDI In.
Digitone MIDI Thru to TX7 MIDI In.
TX7 MIDI Thru to Minilogue MIDI In.

Set Minilogue to ‘Local Off’.
Set Minilogue MIDI channel to match Digitakt’s Auto channel number.
Set Digitakt’s MIDI tracks channel numbers to match the channel numbers of the synths; for the Digitone, use its autochannel number.

When you select the appropriate MIDI track on the DT, the Minilogue can control whichever synth is set on that track.


I would do your sequencing of the Digitone ON the Digitone. Only send it program changes to keep in sync.


Thanks will try this out. I will need a seperate midi keyboard as I play both the TX7 and minilogue at the same time.

Thanks, good idea.


Simply connect the MIDI keyboard to the DT MIDI In port.
Don’t connect the Minilogue MIDI Out.
Don’t set the Minilogue to Local Off.


With this set up the Arturia Keylab. contols the digitakt. when i hit a key the kick drum plays.

What I need to do. Is send note information from the Digitakt to the TX7 on midi chanel 1. And play the TX7 at the same time on the Keylab.

Then midi Ch 2 from the digitakt sends note info to the minilogue.

I have a midi thru box if this helps?

I also with to use the digitone for bass, so sync it to the digitakt.