Digitone for violent aggressive music

start at 5:26 mark


Not mine


From @Jeanne


Some things I’m working on. Digitone is processed by Dr A and Oto Boum with heavy compression and saturation. Clock is randomized and controlled by a midi track on the Digitone :slight_smile:
(by the way, how integrate a video from instagram on this forum ? I tried will all the links and it never works)


Same setup. Still Digitone processed by Dr A and Oto Boum with heavy settings. The clock is still randomized and controlled by Axoloti.

Edit : The FM flute lead comes from Medusa (now replaced by M:C and later by a second Digitone I hope)


lovely :fire:

Fuck yes

I actually have a Digitone delivered and waiting for me at my studio. This is tempting me to go in my day off.

That’s badass. The randomized clock is super dope :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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"Oto Boum with heavy settings. " Love my OTO Machines. The BOUM is amazing and the Diode clipper on the BAM is a big part of my sound. Nice track.

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Got my Digitone back from being repaired today, thought I’d treat myself to a bit of armchair brutality.

All this from one (very unison) voice too.


Oh i remember that thread when you were troubleshooting. Did they tell you what it was? It was super weird

Nope, I’m going to email them tomorrow to see what was up.

Working now though.

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Needs to be an album title or alter ego moniker or something.


Clearly, sounds awesome or violently awesome!


I love this. Somehow you made a noise track catchy AF. The way you modulated the clock is fucking sick. I am impressed that you grabbed ideas from chaos and were somehow able to repeat them. I am guessing you sampled and then arranged it or that Axoloti program is just beastly. Not sure I could figure out Axoloti, but I am tempted to try after hearing this.

Thanks for your feedback. This is quite simple in fact, the Axoloti generates a clock with 3 parameters (a kind of random rate, the depth of the random and the rate of the clock) controlled with midi cc. Then I sequence this clock with a midi track of the Digitone.
All the track is played live with no editing or no sampling. Just Digitone and a bit of Medusa for the flute lead.
On each step of the Digitone pattern, I can set the rate the of the clock, the depth of random to it (in fact, something like “this is this clock value with +/- X%”) and how fast the clock will randomly change to another value.
I think I will change the Axoloti for a Blokas Midihud, more simple to program and more direct.
On the Polyend Tracker, you can do this kind of stuff natively because the tracker can manage tempo per step and randomisation FX per step.

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Really enjoyed this. Reminds me a little bit of Skullflower.

What distortion/overdrive did you use?

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No distortion other than the drive on the track, no master overdrive either.

I am clipping my recorder a little bit, but only a little bit.

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damn I should get a digitone…

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