Digitone - Lichen (Aphex Twin Cover)

Hey guys,

was fiddling around with my digitone, to make some Pads.
I always go for the Aphex and BOC vibes :slight_smile:
So I sent the midinotes for Aphex’s Lichen via Ableton and recorded a little Cover.
Hope you like it.



I like it, nice pads, very ambient :)…

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I was asked to share the pad sound. If anyone interested, here is the pattern that includes the sound and fx settings (no sequence).
The pad is stored on Track 1.
Please tell me if anything doesn’t work with the sysex.

DN_Lichen Pad (Pattern).syx (22.9 KB)

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Nice song.

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I didnt know you could send midi notes to Elektrons. Sweet sound.

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Wish it was mine :upside_down_face:

Thanks. Sure you can. They all have Midi in :slight_smile: