Digitone vs Digitakt

hey fam,

im in a spot where im thinking about selling my dtone, but im considering trades for DT (i’ve never owned one)

just wondering which box people think is the better groove box?

i LOVE the sound of the DN, but im hitting walls with 4 track limit. i truly wish it was an 8 track like the DT

so it makes me wonder… will i be better off with DT? is it more flexible track wise?

anyone have both and can comment on each?

obviously i would love to own both but its not an option at this point

Honestly it’s like comparing apples to oranges, but in this case an FM synth with a sequencer to a sequencing Drum Machine. Your best bet would probably be to have both, or invest in something that can fill in the soft spots, so to speak.


I am considering buying a Digitone to pair with my Digitakt. I wonder if I might use one more than the other and the Digitone may end up being a waste if money.

The other things I am considering are more sound processing effects. The Bastl Thyme or Analog Heat are top of that list… But just as I am about to pull the trigger on one I keeping looking at the Digitone…

It doesn’t in anyway answer your question… ! Sorry.

I’m interested in the discussion of the virtues of each anyway…

Obviously a DT is a sampler so u cant quite tweak like u can on the DN, but the 8 tracks on the DT is whats pulling me…

I have a DT and I sample and sequence the Volca FM with a Retrokits cable.
I’d probably prefer both DT and DN but this setup saved me around 500 euros :wink:

I agree that you can’t really compare the DT and DN but personally I think you have quite a lot more options with a sampler that you can play as a synth - aswell as being a pretty amazing drum machine.

If you get a Retrokits cable for the DT you can use it as a synth by deciding how much polyphony (tracks for sounds) you want and how many tracks to reserve for drums.

This may inspire you as it did me > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc2CfeCyfZ4

Thanks @DaveMech !! (and for his other videos - they are all worth visiting)


very cool :slight_smile: did not know about that

can you play the chord on the DT and not an external keyboard? (obviously not)

I also have the Volca FM and have wondered if the retrokits cable is worth it… Watching that I am seriously considering one! Having the Volca is another reason I wonder if the Digitone would be worth it, obviously the modulation and p-locking functions broaden out modulation possibilities on DN. However Volca has more operators and algorithms.

I think the Digitone is the best value hardware synth in the market today - so I wouldn’t sell it if I were you. Pick up a second and DT for 500 dollars/euros or get a cheap deal on some Maschine hardware/software if you want to sample in the box.
As for differences etc - they are the same in terms of sequencers but different when it comes to how much sound sculpting you can do with the obviously the Digitone being far superior.


If you love the digitone but are hitting a wall with the track limit buy something to pair it with. Cheapest thing I can think of is a Volca (sample or beats perhaps?). Something like a Novation Circuit could be a nice pairing too.

Don’t sell it if you love the sound.


Save up and get both.

Until you can afford a second-hand DT, try to get as much out of those 4 tracks as you can.

There are a lot of ways you can “fake” additional tracks using smart p-locking.


I’ve not had a shot of the DN but I did really enjoy having a DT. Very easy and quick to take a sample and turn it into a cool synth bass/lead sound. Pretty effortless really.

When I go through phases of GAS over getting a new and shiny, one of the few thoughts that gains momentum is adding a DT to my OT2.

It really depends what kind of hardware user you are. If, like me, you tend to find yourself preset browsing with a synth then it’s going to be a challenge to get the most out of a DN. That’s the beauty of the DT/OT - both force you to dig deep.

@jasl’s post includes a great example of DT use.

the DN has as many voices as the DT (8). And with sound locks you can get even on one track as diverse as with the DT. I’d really keep the DN and look for the DT as a companion.


They’re very different. Digitone has four parts, 8-note polyphony, waveshaping on the operators, filters, effects etc. Volca FM seems cool but being monotimbral it’s not great on its own.

@mattleaf Have you messed around with using a track for creating specific patches/sounds and then sound locking them into the other tracks so as to max out each tracks true potential?

Keep DN, add DT or OT, 2nd DN, multitimbral synth, or a looper like Rc 505 for 5 extra stereo tracks with overdub + fx, very long recordings.

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ya, i have.

Maybe I just need to save up and buy a DT

I swear Elektron’s next machine will be a flagship 8 Track DN / DT

How about a PreenFM2 for your fm needs 4 part multitimbral and lots of midi CC for the DT.

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The Digitakt is amazing. 8 tracks of anything you want to feed it.

I’m working on selling my digitone as well, but the digitakt. Is just bliss all the way

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I think the Digitakt is a brilliant sound sculpting tool. It just depends on the sounds you’re going for.


I have both and i keep both… When i feel i deserve it, i get the OT2 and the heat…

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