Dinsync divider box - interested?

Thanks guys, good catch on the PSU amperage - 300 to 500ma is the ideal range although a little more or less should be fine also.

I tweaked the graphics a bit to better reflect the output pulses and tidy it up a bit, here is the new look.

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this looks great what price are the fully built units

^ £65 plus postage at cost a PSU is not supplied but I can either source one for you (UK only) or advise on suitable one.

Update - Confirmed working great with Analog Rytm too!

How/where does one order one of these?

Currently I am out of stock, although should have some more in a few weeks time, to order one just PM me as I do not have a website at present.

Did u make them?

Yes, none left now 6 years later though :slight_smile: