Disable certain midi notes?

I am trying to use the A4 and the Nord Drum on the same channel, since I use a 1x1 usb midi stick thingie from E-mu. Everytime the drum hits, it drops a note from the A4.

Is there a way to, say, disable notes c-2 to f-2 on the A4? That way, when a note hits from those notes, it only triggers the ND and not the A4.


On the Analog Four, you can use the INT. TRIG functionality of the Multi Map feature to achieve what you want. Read pages 48 to 51 of the manual.

I have the low note set to C-2. My midi sequencer is playing a note at c-0 and still getting a very low note from the A4. My Nord drum is going, but can’t get the A4 to be quiet. Even when I silence the track, I still get the sound.

I am so confused. I keep reading the manual and not getting it.