Divine 909 samples versus Tape 909 samples?

I understand that GoldBaby has provided the samples for both… do the Divine 909 samples have any difference to the Tape 909 samples?

the goldbaby are actually the best 909 samples you can get out there.!

I think the difference in the GB packs from the same machines is just the way there processed… You will get all the instruments in any of the packs but the tape will probably feature more tape saturated and distorted sounds.

Maybe the elektron specific ones are like a best of? They feature custom performance settings for the pads too which is handy for inspiration.

has anyone heard news of a 606/110 set coming?

Not sure if there’s a planned elektron one but there’s a 606 pack by GB… Sampled and then played back through a DMX drum machine. And it’s free. :+1:


With the bitcrush, overdrive, distortion and compression option on the AR, I’d much rather have relatively unprocessed samples with beautiful, original transients. Any recommendations for samplelibs that cater to such a need?

I’m quite sure the samples in both the divine909 and straight808 sound packs are derived from currently available GoldBaby libraries. So looking only on the samples I would say the difference is that you get much more bang for the buck buying samples directly from GoldBaby.

very true, tsutek.

I like the LonDonsen Moore TR808 and TR909 samples.

:+1: :joy:

I grabbed those. Nice looking out @larserik. The second 909 DL didn’t work for me though. No worries.
I also put the tape 606 on the +drive today.
I had but them hadn’t bothered trying til now. but it’ll do me good.