DIY kit recommendations

I’m looking for some fun diy kits in the music world. I did the sonic potions lxr1 kit over the panini and that was fun. Made a couple megacommand lives for fun. Did a keyboard mod with doepfers mke and a couple rando teensy projects. Wondering what else is out there in the world of diy kits (chip shortage be damned).

Could be pedals, synths, etc
If you have any suggestions id love to hear em.

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if you like pedal effects Distortion


I once made a little erebus: DIY Kits - Dreadbox Synthesizers


I just built a Dreadbox Dysmetria. It was well worth the time, effort and 230 euros. I’m quite pleased with the way it sounds.


Maybe not specifically distortion but theres some cool stuff on that site thanks

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I didnt realize dreadbox had kits, cool beans

+1 for anything Dreadbox.

I built a Shruthi (now Phoenix) a long time ago and it’s a great synth. XT version is even better. Designed by Mutable Instruments. There is also a polysynth elsewhere on the site. Ambika.

I’m currently loving Eurorack DIY. Befaco is a great place to start. Thonk is a great place to buy their stuff.


Another vote for the Dysmetria.
Also… Xoxbox.

I built one and it’s worth mentioning. If you are really into the 303 or really love soldering then I recommend it. Otherwise just get the Behringer for 1/2 (or less) the price of a x0xb0x kit.

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These seem to be a bit of a price jump from anything mentioned thus far but compelling none the less

Def liking how that phoenix sounds.

I was really really excited about Deckard’s Dream when it was first announced and they listed the “kit” for $999. Turns out that was just the PCBs and you still need another $1500 in parts. Too rich for my blood. Also a massive project that will likely have issues at some point. I prefer it when everything just works when I plug it in for the first time :slight_smile:


I assembled a PreenFM 2. Incredible FM synth, but it really needs a huge controller.
I’m way more happy with the Digitone.
But it’s a great synth!

Shruthi is a nice piece of kit, excellent sound and XT is definitely more interesting to play.

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Oh snap, for real it’s just for the pcbs? Thats a big no from me on those then. Mouser has a 81 week lead time on atmega328s :sob::joy:

want to do one of these one day…


It’s some shady wording for sure. Everywhere else says “pcb set” for what they are selling and “kit” always includes all or at least most of the parts. Here is a listing for “Full Kit + PCB Set” :roll_eyes:

This is the MKI version and it’s $2200

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Welcome to the parts shortage.

I’ll plug Eurorack one more time on this topic specifically. There are SO MANY more options for DIY in eurorack it provides a ton more opportunity to dodge the shortages and keep you busy building. Lots of companies have stashes of the out-of-stock stuff for their kits. Also lots of eurorack is pure analog which doesn’t have the same issues with shortages (though they still exist, e.g. fancy opamps). You’ll also learn a lot more about electronics because the circuits are more basic and finer-grained. You’d be a lot more likely to end up designing your own useful module in eurorack than trying to build an entire synth on your own. If you really want to learn about electronics and synthesis the Mortiz Klein/Erica stuff is amazing:

(forgive me if you are already an EE and this bores you)

Its gorgeous but for that price i would prob buy some other things first.

Not boring at all, quite the opposite. I’ve held off on modular for so long because i know my brain is gonna go over board with it. I def would jump in heavy with erica synths too, i love their all black on black vibes. Plus eurorack always has these useful bits like this for example ML:2 – Circuit Happy, LLC
Not a kit but compelling none the less.
Also, for me personally i dont think it matters if its digital or analog, the datasheets for the components are often the same level of confusing for me :joy: but i’m learning by doing and reading.

I def appreciate all the tips and tricks yall :pray:t4:

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For all your Roland needs…


I held off too until a year ago or so for the same reason. I finally took the plunge “because my son was interested and I wanted him to learn electronics/synthesis” :roll_eyes: . Now I am hooked and my poor Elektrons sit gathering dust because I spend my hobby time building synths instead of playing them. Oh well, I really enjoy it. Still, I recommend eurorack to anyone technically-minded even if you’re not going to DIY. You just learn so much more about synthesis doing full modular (semi doesn’t count).

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