Do you have a loud keybed on the AK?

A quick question to Analog Keys users. Are the black keys on your unit very/relatively loud? Like CLACK!! KLACK!! KLONK!! for lack of a better technical term. :slight_smile:

I recently bought the AK, octave 1 & 3 were ok, octave 2 had that loud clack sound, so I sent it to Elektron (with details and a short video). I wanted to get the middle octave more inline with the other two (with the black keys). What I got back was the exact opposite. So now all 3 octaves are just very loud/clacky.

Not sure what to do right now. I mean, I just got it back from Elektron, but in a worse state then when I sent it in. Which is a bit…confusing? Had a brief email conv. with the good people over at Elektron, but I decided to try and give it a go and told Elektron I’d get in contact if it didn’t work out.

That’s where I’m at now. I just can’t make make it work, it. is. so. loud. The fact that it indeed was a lot more quiet before I sent it in tells me the repair guy got it wrong, or, the quality is a bit all over the place perhaps?

Anyway, the main reason I’m asking prople about it is that I’m just trying to get a picture about how others experience the keybed (black keys mainly) on their AKs. Loud, silent, loud on some keys and silent on others, and so on…If the keybed is this loud “by design” I don’t wanna nag Elektron more then necessary (but would be very interesting to know what made the keys more silent on the first keybed that got switched out)

I am particularly picky about all my key-beds and I have to say the AK is right on par with my Mono Evolver Keyboard, Waldorf Q, and Virus KC. Not noisy at all. Not normal even when I played a demo model a two different shops nor my own. I would contact Elektron and get it sorted and be patient with process.

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Just checked mine against other boards here. Its probably the loudest but in a kind of good/solid/reassuring way. My other synths are all pretty cheap and some have kind of a mushy action. AK kind of feels like it’s hitting solid wood underneath. I never noticed the noise before and it isn’t a problem, so I’m guessing yours is way louder for it to be an issue.

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Thanks guys, this is helping. I’m gonna try to hang tight a little while and see if any others might chip in on this. :slight_smile:

The wood thing. Yea kinda like that. Like a hard rubber ring hitting real loud on…well something, it’s loud and it does resonate inside, but I can deal with the box resonating a bit, it’s the loud CLACK! that gets me. Playing a bit faster and keeping the velocity at least above 80-90, and that clack sound will overpower the actual sound from the synth (alternatively kinda melt in), regardless of volume really.

Before I sent the unit in to Elektron, the 2 good octaves had a softer cushioning feel to them (they felt more the price basically), like there was some strip with a softer material, dampening the hard rubber (or whatever Elektron uses here). Now that cushioning is all gone, and the entire keybed feels a wee bit cheaper now as well, to put it bluntly.

I’m sure Elektron will sort me out in due time, unless of course this is normal. :slight_smile:

Definitely no resonating sound here. Just a solid thump if I hit 'em hard. Doesn’t feel cheap like you describe so I think I’m just being over analytical when here trying to give you a clear picture… Yeah speak to Elektron, I’m sure they’ll get it sorted for you.

Compared it with other decent synths in the studio and can say the AK keyboard is not much different then the others. Just the right amount of resistance and force of flipping back, well and the usual noise of the mechanics, but nothing out of the usual … white and black keys of cause …

Maybe your keybed has an issue. Can you compare it to an other AK in your region?

Unfortunately I can’t. I can only compare it to what it was like before I sent it to Elektron. There were 4 black keys with that, very, loud clucking sound. Now there are 15 of them. :slight_smile:

Where the first keybed felt a bit softer on impact, and had a much more dampened “clack” which sounded very much OK with me, the new one feels a lot harder across all keys when played, so two very different experiences here. Few other minor things as well on the replacement keybed.

I’m probably gonna send a mail to Elektron today and see what happens.

Edit: Email sent. I don’t know why, but I feel a bit daft trying to explain this issue. Hopefully it got through though.