Do you think $1270 is a good price for brand new MKI?

This is the best I managed to find brand new.
Looks like extra $230 and I got the MKII but I’m rather wondering if new MKIs will still go down in price or should I just take it.
All taxes and shipping included.

Hopefully nobody posted any similar thread. If its there then sorry for spamming the board

I’ve seen them go MUCH cheaper than that used

new: I dunno- the prices haven’t seemed to drop much

I don’t want used anymore.
Bought one last week and now I’m waiting for refund as it had a ton of issues.

If I were you, I’d hold out for the mk2. More features, on one hand. On the other hand, it will have significantly more value on the 2nd hand market.

That makes sense but what if I have to wait months before I get working overbridge and issues sorted out?
That is what really makes it a bummer. In that time frame I can do A LOT with MKi

I wouldn’t imagine mk2 OB would be THAT lagged on the mk2- how different could it be than the mk1 OB?

Not to mention, in the meantime, it’s got sep outs if you could use those?

Well, it uses digitakts sampling (or similar at least) so they had to combine it with current software (if that’s what they did).
I have 4 analog ins left so not much.

Maybe they’ll release it for tracking with sampling duties deactivated until that’s wrapped up?

I mean, do what you gotta do, I just reckon if you bought one new for 1270 now it might not go for but 850 once your return period ends.

At the very least, hold out until after the mk2s are released and shipped- logically speaking any retailers that still have stock will do anything to reduce the hit they’re going to take on those units.

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You’re right.
I have to give this a better thought. Problem is I tasted it and it was awesome lol.
Now wait months again… Dunno. Ugh.

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If you can’t be with the gear you love- love the gear you’re with <3


I’d wait for MK2 for sure

Drum machine. Last piece of the puzzle :slight_smile:
I purchased all the other stuff I craved for a loooong time.
Next target is Quantum or if Access releases something new but considering the price It will be a while till I can get it.
I’m done with all the other synths really. If I buy something new, it’s got to be one of those that blow everything else out of the water.

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If you haven’t sold that A4 yet, you oughta try using that as a drum machine SO GOOD


Not really. I see them used with warranty for way less like 800-900 online.

that would be a Virus TI2 but they are EXPENSIVE as hell.

I got the Virus already.
I’m hoping Access will blow it out of the park again with something fresh.

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You might have just won yourself a nice beer :smiley:
I need to find some info/tutorials on that.

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I wanted to make an A4 track with no Osc

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