Doepfer Pocket Fader


I wonder, whether the Doepfer Pocket Fader makes it possible to control the levels of multiple Elektron boxes at the same time and independently.


it has 16 midi channels. if you use a midi thru box like kentons you can f.e. controlle 2 octatracks.

i found only one in three years on ebay. its more rare than the drehbox. i controlle my filters of one octatrack with it. thats supersweet

I just remembered I have one if someone wants to buy?

I do!

Funny you say that cause I can’t even find out what a drehbox is, what’s a drehbox

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I think they mean Drehbank


Drehbank looks formidable and very useful.
i purchased Justin’s Pocket Fader a while ago.

gave it a 3-panel paint job last night, the result is moderately sensational with dappled Meditteranean Blue on the entire faceplate, rich muted orange on the side with the mechanical orange snapshot selector, and a mostly-yellow side panel.

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Did you sell in the end?