Does Maschine Mk1 work on Mojave?

I have a new Mac on the way soon and have an old Maschine Mk1 in the closet that I never really used. I was mulling over what to do with it, but saw online that it is no longer officially supported on the recent Mac OS. Does this mean it is totally dead on Mojave?

You can use your Mk1 controller just fine as long as you upgrade to version 2 of the Maschine software.


Sweet. Thanks for that.

Yea good to know for when I unpack my gear after moving, almost threw the mk1 away thinking it was absolete!

Some changes in the Native Instruments drivers for OSX compatibility; so my understanding is that if you have an old version of Maschine < 2.7 (?) then install that first to get the old drivers; prior to installing the latest and greatest.

Section 4 is relevant to your interests.

Sierra / El Capitan Compatibility

Mojave Compatibility


Thanks. I asked over at the NI community as well and they just told me it’s no longer supported. I guess it’s a try at your own risk kind of a deal. If that’s the case, I’m not sure if it’s worth the gamble to upgrade to version 2 of the software. :confused:

I used the MK1 on version 2.? with El Capitan I guess around beginning of 2018 for the last time. No problems at that time. After that quick test did not look at it anymore so not sure. As said before, will try again when I can unpack in my new place (will be a few weeks).

It still works in Windows10 (I heard and saw on YT) so I might make a little setup for it with a little Win Tablet and include the also abandoned Guitar Rig Kontrol in the mix. Gonna work with little workstations when we are finally moved!

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I got a new Mac recently. I also have mk1 controller and 2 software. The controller is not recognised by the Mac. I can use it in my old Mac running seirra with Maschine 2 but not the new Mac running whatever is before Mojave.

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Yeah. I’m gonna get rid of mine. I don’t need the headache of having something that may work. There is definitely a reason why I have stuck to hardware samplers all these years.